Redundant Power Supply, 589 Watt
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DPS-700 - is a redundant power supply (RPS), designed for use with Ethernet and Gigabit switches D-Link. RPS is made in a sturdy metal case with a connector for connection to a source of AC or DC (depending on model), and a connector for the power supply to the internal switch. RPS is an inexpensive device that allows to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the event of an unexpected failure, internal power switch that may lead to shutdown of the switch devices connected to its ports, or an entire network. Providing necessary for the switch output, RPS will improve the reliability of power supply unit.
Power redundancy 
Each RPS D-Link continuously monitors the internal power supply. In the event of a power failure to immediately start a backup power source, so the LAN switch and the connected device can continue to work. This increases the fault tolerance of the network infrastructure and protection is performed by interrupting the network connection due to a failure of one power source of the network device. 
Easy and flexible installation
Installing a series of DPS does not require any changes in the settings of LAN switch. DPS-700 is equipped with an internal power source and can be connected to any AC power source 85 to 264 volts AC with a frequency of 47 to 63 Hz with a standard plug. 
Power supply, rack-mountable
DPS-700 is a power supply, plugged into a standard 19-inch rack, and is designed to increase flexibility in the operation of the equipment that supports PoE (Power over Ethernet). DPS-700 also supports 1 +1 power options. When using the DPS-700 with an internal power supply unit, RPS can provide additional power budget.

Genel Özellikler

Fiziksel Özellikler
Output power
589 W
The input voltage range
From 90 to 264 VAC
The range of the input line voltage
47 Hz to 63 Hz
Max. input current
7.5 A at 115 VAC
3.7 A at 230 VAC
Max. starting current
30 A 115 V AC
30 A at 230 VAC

The physical parameters

Operating temperature
From 0 to 65 C
Storage temperature
-40 To 85 C
Operating Humidity
From 5% to 95% relative humidity
624,961 hours
441 mm x 199.4 mm x 44 mm
3.65 kg


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