10G XFP CWDM transceiver for single-mode fiber optic cable (wavelength 1591nm, up to 70 km)


Series 10G CWDM SFP + / XFP Module D-Link - it transceivers, hot swappable, which are installed in the ports of SFP + or XFP switch and provide job Ethernet networks at 10 Gb / s. These transceivers can be used with CWDM optical multiplexer to combine signals from multiple Ethernet ports on the switch for transmission over a single fiber, which significantly reduces the cost of the infrastructure used for fiber optic data transmission over long distances. This line includes transceivers to operate at different wavelengths (wavelength used is determined by the model), which is ideal for problem solving and application providers on campus.
Speed ​​10 Gb / s
The transceivers are designed to work in networks of 10-Gigabit Ethernet, which allows for very fast data transfers. A ten-fold increase compared with 1 Gbit / s allows the switch to faster and in greater volume to handle data streams.
Hot Plug
All D-Link transceivers support hot-plug capability. Connect the transceiver to a powered device will not cause any problems.This allows you to connect or disconnect the transceiver without disrupting the rest of the network.

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