Passive 10G CX4 cable for direct connection to a length of 3 m
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Twinax 10G InfiniBand cables are designed to connect with each other Ethernet-enabled devices transfer rate 10 Gbit/s1, providing a wide bandwidth. This series includes five models of cables: DEM-CB50, DEM-CB100, DEM-CB300, DEM-CB50ICX and DEM-CB300CX. Twinax 10G InfiniBand cables are an ideal cost-effective solution to connect the D-Link switches and other devices installed in the same or adjacent racks, providing a wide bandwidth.
The ideal solution for high-performance systems
Twinax cables 10G InfiniBand D-Link supports data rates up to 10 Gbit / s at a distance of 3 m standard 10GBASE-CX4 provides data on the four pairs of copper twinax cable, resulting in a low-latency data transmission and supports Quality of Service (QoS), and resiliency (failover) InfiniBand. Thus, the data cables are the ideal solution, providing high bandwidth over short distances.
10GBASE-CX4 connectors
The cables used in this series InifiniBand 4X connectors with screw fasteners and clips for attachment. Model DEM-CB50, DEM-CB100 and DEM-CB300 fitted on both sides of the connector with screw fasteners and can be used as a physical stacking cables or cables to connect to the managed stackable Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 Series D-Link DGS-3120 with higher-level devices . Model DEM-CB50ICX equipped on one side with a screw connector for connection to a switch DGS-3120 series, on the other - RCA connectors for attachment to connect to a media converter DMC-805X. Model DEM-CB300CX fitted on both sides of RCA connectors for mounting and can be used as a cable for the physical stacking switch DGS-3400 series and DGS-3627/3627G/3650 using them in the accompanying module DEM-410CX.

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Type of connectors
Fastening with hooks on both sides
Cable Length
300 cm
AWG wire size
28 AWG
The ability to connect
The cable for the physical stacking switch DGS-3400 series and DGS-3627/3627G/3650 with module DEM-410CX (recommended)

The physical parameters

30 VAC
0.5 A
Operating temperature
-40 To 85 C
• IEEE802.3ak 10GBASE-CX4
• SFF-8470
• EIA-364
• UL 94


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