High-speed PTZ dome network camera with a 12x optical zoom


Clock surveillance
High-speed dome network camera with a 12x optical zoom, DCS-6616 provides an overview of a large area, including in low-light conditions. With built-in sensor Sony Super HAD-II quarter "CCD IP-Camera DCS-6616 can transmit high-resolution video 650 TVL with superb image quality. Built-ICR-filter allows the camera to capture high-quality images in bright lighting conditions, and in the dark. During the day, ICR-filter stays in place and does not transmit infrared radiation that provides high-quality images. At night, the ICR-shift filter, which allows the camera to use infrared light for shooting in low-light conditions.
Multi-functional PTZ (tilt / rotate / zoom)
IP-Camera DCS-6616 has a wide range of features PTZ, providing an overview of a large area. With the rotation of 360 degrees can easily observe the surrounding area, and the 12-times optical zoom with auto focus delivers picture details. The speed of rotation varies and is proportional to the scaling factor for the precise control of the movement of the camera. PTZ preset point allows the camera DCS-6616 navigate through them and monitor automatically.
The flexibility to connect
Camera DCS-6616 is equipped with input and output ports to connect to external devices such as IR sensors, switches and alarm relays. The camera is equipped with audio input and output ports, and video output to connect directly to a TV to watch in real time.
Applications WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
WDR function provides clear images even under backlight behind the object of observation, where the intensity of illumination can vary significantly. This makes the DCS-6616 an ideal solution for observation in high-contrast lighting. For example, when installing the unit in a room DCS-6616 adapts to the conditions of intense sunlight falling out of the window, which makes this camera ideal security. 
Transmission of multiple video streams
DCS-6616 supports simultaneous streams of video formats: H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG, to provide high-quality images in a good use of the bandwidth. MJPEG format provides file integrity and is ideal for situations that require high image detail. Compression formats H.264 and MPEG-4 files can get small size, which is useful for long-term recording or for use in networks with narrow bandwidth. In addition, DCS-6616 supports multicast transmission of data in H.264 and MPEG-4, which allows users to watch videos, connect to multicast streams in the network.

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