D-Link DAS-3216/RU - it's an 8-port ADSP access multiplexer for ADSL service providers. It ensures users connect to the ADSL equipment. The service provider's DSLAM network is connected via an Ethernet interface. Supported IP protocol.

Multi-family and office buildings

DAS-3216/RU service providers to enable a new generation of high performance DSL services to business and home users.With this device vendors can provide high-speed data and video image transmission services to customers.

8 ports with ADSL Splitters

DAS-3216/RU has 8 ADSL ports and 8 built-in ADSL / POTS Splitters. All ports and bandwidth allocators are divided into two RJ-21 (Telco-50) connectors. Uplink 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port is used to connect the device to the service provider's network.

VLAN support and security improvements

DAS-3216/RU IP DSLAM supports 802.1Q VLAN by tags and thus ensures complete separation of user data traffic isolation and ADSL network performance improvements.

Flexible Management

The graphical user interface with the Web, Telnet, and SNMP v1/v2, DAS-3216/RU provides information about errors, performance, settings, and security management. In addition, through the console port RS-232 is available in a command-line interface (CLI), which allows network administrators who have knowledge of a well-DOS commands to quickly adjust settings or change the configuration. The device supports the event log and service subscriber information management.

A complete ADSL solution

DAS-3216/RU is a complete solution D-Link DSL service providers share. The device works with a range of subscriber equipment - ADSL modems and routers. 

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