Network adapter interface Fast Ethernet PCI bus


DFE-551FX - a high-performance network adapter providing efficient computer is connected to a Fast Ethernet network via an optical cable. The adapter is designed for PCI bus computer and transfers data at 100 Mbit / s half duplex or 200 Mb / s in full duplex mode. Supporting additional features, including priority queues and VLAN, this adapter is the ideal solution for applications that require high bandwidth, such as IP-telephony and video conferencing.
Reliable fiber connection
Adapter DFE-551FX can establish a reliable connection to the computer via an optical link. With it you can control the power workstation or server from the switch Fast Ethernet over fiber. Data Rate 200 Mbit / s in full duplex mode, this card works well in environments with high electromagnetic interference, providing a multimode fiber-optic cable connected to a switch that is located at a distance of 2 km.
Wake-On-LAN power management
Wake-On-LAN (WOL) - a feature Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI), which allows to remotely turn on / off the power off your computer. With this feature, the network administrator can send signals to "wake-up", causing the computer to an active state. WOL function provides users with an excellent opportunity to manage PC power at any time and from any location.
High performance
Operating in Bus Master 32-bit bus PCI, adapter ensures high performance. Bus Master mode can transmit data without going through the CPU, allowing it to offload the workload.
Flow control to minimize packet loss
The adapter supports embedded flow control to ensure data security during transmission over the network. When connected to a switch Fast Ethernet, supports flow control, adapter, at peak times, receives signals from the switch regarding buffer overrun. The adapter then delays transmission until until it receives a signal from the switch that it is ready to receive data.
VLAN for performance and reliability
Network adapter supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, allowing you to create multiple subnets to each server or computer and isolate devices within each VLAN from the rest of the network is to improve safety and traffic control.
Supports IEEE 802.1p priority queues
The adapter supports priority queues 802.1p, allowing the network to transmit delay-sensitive applications such as streaming audio and video, and VoIP with proper priority.
2 variants of the remote boot PXE and RPL
Network administrators can choose one of 2 schemes secure bootstrap server with diskless workstations: 1) using RPL (Remote Program Load) DFE-551P or 2) PXE (Pre-boot Execution Environment) of Intel DFE-551R. Workstation with the appropriate adapter plug boot ROM can load the operating system remotely from a server NetWare, Windows NT, or other servers.

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