VoIP-Gateway 8-port FXS, 1 port WAN 10/100/1000Base-TX, 4-port LAN 10/100/1000Base-TX


DVG-5008SG converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the Internet. This gateway combines the latest Voice over IP technology with advanced communication features, and is fully compatible with the services of Internet telephony SIP. Gateways are high-density and low-cost, provide convenience and guaranteed savings for companies in need of frequent long-distance and international business calls. 
Savings and profitable investment
VoIP-Gateway DVG-5008SG with FXS-port provides an easy and inexpensive upgrade Internet telephony, allowing users to save previously purchased phones and fax machines. Investment protection is achieved through the use of existing infrastructure and the possibility of its gradual modernization. 
Guaranteed quality of voice 
Gateway DVG-5008SG transmits voice and fax messages in accordance with generally accepted international standards of voice and data services, such as G.722, G.711, etc. Support for Quality of Service (QoS) provides the communication quality comparable to analog telephony.
Call Functions
VoIP-Gateway DVG-5008SG with FXS-ports supports a variety of calling features that allow service providers to provide their customers with services such as call waiting, "Do Not Disturb", speed dialing, three-way conference, etc. Besides, there are many management functions SIP, including proxy support for outgoing calls, duplicate registration to the SIP proxy server / failover registration SIP, function dial plan (dial plan), and the function of the group call. Setting individual telephone connection through multilingual interactive voice (IVR) or the Web-interface.
Multiple simultaneous connections 
VoIP-Gateway DVG-5008S is equipped with eight FXS-ports that provide multiple simultaneous connections. For the organization of Internet telephony simply connect to these ports regular phones. These gateways are the perfect solution for companies to make phone calls to long-distance and international destinations. 
Gigabit ports to provide broadband Internet access
The gateway provides a convenient routing function, which allows users to get a joint office broadband Internet access. You can connect your computer to this gateway with built-in 4-port Ethernet and use the built-in NAT / DHCP-server to automatically access the Internet. 

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